Vagrants flood country lanes

30th June 2025
Birmingham, New Britain

In a speech to the Birmingham Parliament on Friday, the Home Secretary reminded members that regardless of the challenges facing the nation it remains the most desirable place to live in Europe and that the stream of vagrants flooding the small country roads was testament to this.

“Most of these people,” she said, “are running from Re-Migration agents, they are people who have outstayed their welcome and we should not encourage John Bull to help them.”

The Countryside Alliance submitted a report and petition to the Home Office complaining about the clogging of country lanes, the blocking of farm equipment and general nuisance caused by rising tide of vagrants and travellers.

Ever since the enactment of the new Nationality Laws in 2023 BiG policy has encouraged travellers and vagabonds to return to Ireland, Romania and where ever else they originated from. The persistence of some travellers and vagabonds, despite BiG policy (making stays of more than one night illegal and limiting facilities and sites) the problem has persisted.