Newton’s End brings back Justice

30th June 2025
Birmingham, New Britain

BiG Government ministers are making final plans for the first execution in over half a century. They are due to agree a list of victims by midnight tonight.

In the Death Penalty Act 2024, a range of crimes are punishable by death. These include murder, paedophilia, treason, people trafficking, remigration and espionage.

The executions are due to take place in public. A lottery for 6,000 spectator tickets has been massively oversubscribed. Winners of the lottery are due to be informed by etext this weekend.

The execution will be broadcast live on NBBC.

In England,  the last execution took  place at Strangeways Prison in Manchester on 13th August 1964. Peter Allen and Gwynne Evans were sentenced to death for the murder of John West.