New Britain News

20th June 2025

Newton’s End brings back Justice

The first execution in over half a century is due to take place in Birmingham. BiG Government ministers are making final plans.

The executions are due to take place in public. A lottery for 6,000 spectator tickets has been massively oversubscribed.

Gallows wins prize

Manchester team wins prestigious Dunhill-Clark award for their design for Newton’s End gallows. Their entry was described as “a spectacular example of new British design”.

Scottish Incursions repelled by Fifth Battalion

“Why would anyone want to leave New Britain for Scotland?” asked Lieutenant-Colonel Cramwick, Commander of the Fifth Battalion of the Royal Fusilliers

Vagrants flood country lanes

The Home Secretary tells Parliament that England remains the most desirable place to live in Europe.

Trade with London

The trade surplus with London City State grew to 25% in the last quarter, as the EU continues to work to undermine British sovereignty. Import tariffs are set to remain high, says prime minister.

Terrorists Foiled in the North

A man and a woman were arrested and removed from a train from Scarborough at Cottingham railway station yesterday.