Murder Victim Named

30th June 2025
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The man whose body was recently found in the Lviv district of Ukraine has been named as David Shine, a 34-year old computer engineer, formally resident of Greater Manchester. 

Local police confirm they are treating the incident as murder. Initial investigations reveal that Shine had been subject to violent robbery and sexual attack. His partially clothed body was found in woodland, around three miles from the hotel where he was last seen alive. 

Shine left the British Isles in April of this year after his British citizenship was rescinded. His late father, who was born in the Ukraine district before World War Two, was not officially documented.  Shine’s status as Verified Non-British (VNB) was confirmed by the Court of Appeal after a protracted legal battle. He was ordered to leave the British Isles within six weeks.

Shine’s maternal aunt, Deborah Goldstone, 69, accused the Ukrainian authorities of not doing enough to help him find accommodation or employment. ‘It’s not safe out there,’ she said. ‘David couldn’t speak Ukrainian, and he was given no assistance at all.’

This is the 127th VNB death on mainland Europe this year.  The Home Office has urged foreign governments to ensure the safety of all immigrants leaving Britain. Home Office minister, Lesley Sharpe, said, ‘On principle, we cannot allow former British citizens to suffer hostility and abuse, even when they have been subject to compulsory repatriation.’

The Ukrainian government has declined to make an official response.