Message in a bottle

30th June 2025
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A 14-year old Londoner has become an overnight media sensation.

Fareeda Bulfati, who lives in Ealing with her family, has posted photos of letters she found on a beach in Pakistan on her Instagram account. She claims that they were written by some of the 3000 people who died on the HMS Cambridge two years ago.

The London media was abuzz with chatter about the fake letters supposedly retrieved from a bottle that washed up on the flat sands of Kund Malir Beach on Pakistan.

Bulfati was on holiday visiting her grandparents when she found the bottle as the tide was going out on the flat sands of Kund Malir Beach.  “I noticed it because it was so big, like enormous, and it was stuffed with all these scraps of paper,” she told the LBC news. “They were letters for loved one.”

Bulfati thinks that the hand-written letters were collected into the bottle during the three-day long deadlock with the Pakistani navy when the British crew refused to turn back and the Pakistani navy would not let them advance. There were 3000 people, 2,600 of whom were VNBs, on board HMS Cambridge (formerly the P&O liner Oceana) when it set off from New Britain.  There were no survivors after the boat was torpedoed.

With no forensic evidence to prove the validity of the letters, BiG spokesman Marcia Grey said that this was a hoax.  “The survival of the 30 pint plastic water bottle seems remarkable for 26 months being buffeted on the currents of the Indian Ocean being dragged East and West, North and South by the monsoons.  The girl should be commended for her fiction writing skills” Grey said dismissing the letters.