Convicted thief, Farrier, gets hard labour

30th June 2025
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At Coventry Crown Court yesterday, Alan Farrier was sentenced to seven years in prison for theft and handling stolen goods.

Following legal representations, Farrier, 63, opted to exchange his custodial sentence for two years’ hard labour at a government work camp.

Farrier, known locally as ‘The Automobile King’, orchestrated the theft of German-manufactured cars, selling the parts to garages for repair. He began his enterprise in 2021, following the Brexit border closures which led to the collapse of Europarts and its subsequent bankruptcy.  He was arrested after a year-long undercover police operation.

During his trial, Farrier claimed that he was just a businessman. ‘I was filling a niche in the marketplace,’ he said. ‘People needed parts, and I supplied them.’

Farrier is the first convicted criminal to be sentenced under the Law and Punishment reforms passed last year in Parliament. This allows criminals to be given the option of exchanging a custodial sentence for hard labour.

Home Office Minister, Tessa Rigby, said, ‘There are too many people taking up too much space in our prisons. Hard labour is a short, sharp shock. It’s good for the offender, it’s good for the country.’

Until now, government work camps have been operated exclusively under special security decrees for illegal immigrants and those held in protective custody. Despite a high turnover of inmates, the work camp population continues to increase year on year. At least ten new work camps are currently under construction.

Official sources indicate that within the next fives years 40pc of the entire work camp population will be provided by the law courts.