Gallows wins prize

18th July 2024
Birmingham, New Britain

The gallows at Newton’s End has won the prestigious Dunhill-Clark award for new British design. The installation will be unveiled on Sunday.

The gallows were designed by Adrian Bowles and Stella Neath, the Manchester-based design partnership.  Presenting the award, Queen Katherine praised the duo for the excellence of the design and the calibre of New British engineering.

“We wanted it to work well,” Mr Neath, 37, explained. “The carbon fibre beams can accommodate four people at once, while the steel frame provides the rigidity necessary to give a hard fall. Our brief was to ensure a fast, effective jolt. When the gallows are not in use they provide an attractive feature for the park.”

The Death Penalty Act 2024 stipulates that all executions would be performed by hanging. A review conducted by the Home Office rejected techniques used overseas, including electric chair, lethal injection, stoning, decapitation, slow hanging, firing squad and single bullet to the neck.