20th June 2025

Convicted thief, Farrier, gets hard labour

At Coventry Crown Court yesterday, Alan Farrier was sentenced to seven years in prison for theft and handling stolen goods. Following legal representations, Farrier, 63, opted to exchange his custodial sentence for two years’ hard labour at a government work camp.

Murder Victim Named

The man whose body was recently found in the Lviv district of Ukraine has been named as David Shine, a 34-year old computer engineer, formally resident of Greater Manchester. Initial investigations reveal that Shine had been subject to a violent sexual attack.

French authorities: camps ‘now at breaking point’

An estimated 45,000 people are living in camps outside Calais, Lille and Brussels while the flood of migrants illegally trying to enter New Britain continues unabated.

Sculptor’s lost masterpiece reclaimed

For decades, St Michael and the Devil has been misattributed. Now the iconic Coventry Cathedral sculpture is restored to  the catalogue of works by the revered sculptor, Charles Sargeant Jagger.

Hilaire Belloc caught in a web of his own lies

The once popular author Hilaire Belloc has been added to the list of banned authors by the Britishness Verification Department’s Historical Department.

Message in a bottle

Fareeda Bulfati, who lives in Ealing with her family, has posted photos of letters she found on a beach in Pakistan on her Instagram account. She claims that they were written by some of the 3000 people who died on the HMS Cambridge two years ago.