A Hard Fall

Brexit has happened…
Sterling has crashed…
Britain is divided…

It’s been a hard fall.

The new novel by GL Kaufmann imagines a future of how a hard Brexit might play out.

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June 30th 2025. Britain is not what it was.

The UK has splintered; what remains of New Britain has become an increasingly divided nation. Only people who are Verified British have a right to stay. Capital punishment is being reinstated.

Norman Marshall works for Home Security, rooting out saboteurs — but his wife, Jenny, is working as an agent for the resistance.

Jenny warns Rohan Dhillon, who is Verified Not British, that he and his kids are next on the list for Re-Migration.

Meanwhile, bodies of VNBs are being washed up on Kent beaches…

Why I wrote A Hard Fall

The Referendum campaign was a failed conversation. The two sides failed to  engage with each other.   Remainers talked about the economy, rights and internationalism. Leavers talked of sovereignty, immigration and control. Expert opinions were no longer trusted; facts and so-called hard news were rejected.

In the aftermath, the future looked bleak and impossible.

Mindful of the calamitous events of the 1930s and Primo Levi’s call to action—“If not now, when?”—I decided to do something. And there was only one thing I knew how to do: to tell a story.

Stories can captivate, convince, and coax in a way that political rhetoric and expert discussion cannot. They make us question our entrenched opinions. When logic, facts and figures fail to change our minds, stories can provide a powerful alternative.

A Hard Fall depicts how things might unfold if we suffer the hardest of Brexits—a new political regime that brings out the worst in all of us. It is not far-fetched. It is not hard to imagine.

Maybe somewhere down the line, before a second referendum, this story will give readers a new perspective on our future.

GL Kaufmann

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Published by Mulberry Publishing
Publication date: 6th December 2018
Available in paperback and ebook

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